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The advantages and misunderstanding of the inner open window

The advantages and misunderstanding of the inner open window

At present, we promote the German window system, within the inner open window (horizontal open window) for the main push products. The so-called inside open inside the window, namely can be same as ordinary inside flat open window, open to indoor, also can inside pour, namely the part of the window is not moved, and the upper part is inclined to indoor.

1. Optimize ventilation performance.

Pour inside the window, indoor can not only natural ventilation, and is the key part of air from the window and entered the room, not directly to the human body, especially in the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is bigger, can greatly reduce the risk of chill cold for directly. Especially high-rise apartment or empty villa area, spring and autumn wind is very big, and the window inside pour state completely make indoor and outdoor air exchange smooth, comfortable and downy.

2. Improve safety

Sun room factories pour inside the window, the Windows and air in an open state, at the same time than flat open casement Windows, within or outside and very safe, anti-theft performance, reason is very simple - the thief can even handle knob stretch into the window, but can't open the window, more can't enter indoor! Therefore, the user can leave the home completely, set the window to be in the state, not only ensure the continuous ventilation, but also don't worry about the patron-patter.

3. Dustproof and rainproof.

When the window falls, the airflow that enters the room first will face the glass obstruction, the heavier dust particles in the air, not too will "abrupt turn", the nature is blocked in the outside. On rainy days, because the rain is falling from the top, even if it is offset by the wind direction, it will be blocked out of the window by the glass of the inside window. So when the owner is not at home, also do not have to worry about unexpectedly the rain damaged furniture, floor etc.

4. Easy to clean.

Live on the second floor or above, with the pain of outside the window the user must have the following experience: the window is basically no way to clean, the reason is very simple, it is to open out, even if your arm is long enough are flexible enough to stretch out of the window, but unfortunately the 28th floor do you live in, will be the better part of a lean out of the window is too dangerous to wipe the window? And inside open inside the window is completely without this vexation, as long as the window completely opens, easy to take care of, small piece of cake!

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